Specific Entry Requirements Grade B in Chemistry GCSE (studied as a separate science) or Core with additional science grades BB. A grade B in GCSE Maths is also required.

Why Study Chemistry? With a competitive job market, it is important that you have qualifications that make you stand out to prospective employers and having a qualification in chemistry will do this. Chemistry provides you with many transferable skills including problem solving and logical thinking.

What will I study?

AS: Atomic structure, periodicity, energetics, kinetics, equilibria and organic chemistry.

A2: The topics above are extended and covered in more depth along with transition metals, spectroscopy, polymers, and redox equilibra.

How will I be assessed?

Unit 1 – Foundation Chemistry Written examination Paper: 4 -5 short questions plus 1 longer question.

Unit 2 – Chemistry in Action

Unit 3 – Investigative and Practical Skills in AS Chemistry AS Centre Based Assessed Unit (i.e., practical assessment)

Unit 4 – Kinetics, Equilibria and Organic Chemistry Written examination: 6 – 8 short answer questions plus 2 structured questions. Some of the questions will have synoptic elements.

Unit 5 – Energetics, Redox and Inorganic Chemistry Written examination: 5-7 short answer questions plus 2-3 longer questions.

Unit 6 – Investigative and Practical Skills in A2 Chemistry A2 Centre-Assessed Unit (i.e., practical assessment)

Where next? With a chemical science degree there are plenty of employment opportunities. Careers include medicine, dentistry, molecular biologist, environmental chemist and forensic chemist. Chemistry graduates in the UK earn around 30% more than someone with A levels and no degree.

SSC Experiences There is the opportunity to join ChemNet which is a company that offers career talks by outside speakers and UCAS application advice. There is also the opportunity to attend Manchester University for the day and experience what studying chemistry at university is like.

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