Specific Entry Requirements General College Entry Criteria

Why study Psychology? Psychology is an exciting subject which attempts to understand how the mind works and to explain why individuals behave in certain ways. Psychology will give you the opportunity to gain greater self-knowledge by making you more aware of your own behaviour and the motivations behind your own actions and thoughts. You will have the opportunity to study psychological research and theories which can be used to explain many different human behaviours.

What will I study?

AS Topics include:

  • The nature, organisation and the accuracy of human memory.
  • The importance of the development of attachments in human infants.
  • How research is carried out within the study of Psychology.
  • How psychologists define, explain and treat abnormalities.
  • Stress as a bodily response and how stress is treated.
  • How psychologists explain behaviours such as conformity and obedience.

A2 You will be given the chance to study some areas of human behaviour in more depth in the second year, including topics, such as, Sleep, Aggression, Eating Behaviours, Schizophrenia and Addiction; as well as studying research methods.

How will I be assessed?


Unit 1: Written examination (June) on Cognitive Psychology (memory), Developmental Psychology (attachment) and Research Methods (50% of AS; 25% of A2).

Unit 2: Written examination (June) on Individual Differences (abnormality), Biological Psychology (Stress)  and Social Psychology (50% of AS, 25% of A2).


Written essay style examination on Biological Rhythms and Sleep, Eating Behaviour and Aggression (25% of A2).

Written examination on Schizophrenia, Addiction and Research Methods (25% of A2).

Where next? You can study Psychology or other related degree courses (e.g. Child Development, Educational Psychology) at university. You can also combine Psychology with a wide range of other subjects. Studying Psychology will provide you with many transferable skills which can lead to a variety of career opportunities.

SSC Experiences This year, students visited the Monkey Forest in Trentham to study attachment behaviour. Students have also had the opportunity to talk to guest speakers including educational, clinical, and health psychologists in order to find out about potential careers in Psychology.

For more information about Psychology, please click here.

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