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Why study Sociology? Sociology will change how you see yourself and the world around you. It will encourage you to question things that others take for granted. It will help you understand who you are and your place in the world.

What will I study? Sociology offers a fascinating insight into social and cultural issues and problems. It combines theoretical perspectives and research evidence to explain how societies work and the reasons for inequalities in society. Sociology provides an understanding of the power of society on shaping who we are. Topics studied:

  • Families and Households
  • Education and Research Methods
  • Belief systems
  • Crime and Deviance

How will I be assessed?


May examinations: Unit 1 - Families and Households and Unit 2 - Education with Research Methods


June examinations: Unit 3 - Beliefs in Society and Unit 4 - Crime and Deviance

Where next? You can go to university to study degrees in Sociology, Criminology, Youth Justice, Law, Nursing and Social Work.  A sociological understanding is useful for any career working with people and is specifically part of the training for many. Sociologists take up careers in Teaching, Law, the medical and caring professions, counselling, the police, social/probation work, journalism, sales, and management.

SSC Experiences Studying Sociology means that your curiosity about the world around you can be satisfied in many ways, through numerous opportunities provided by our highly successful department. The experiences include; a ‘walk of faith experience’, guest speakers on crystal healing, tarot cards, spiritual mediums and speakers from related professions.

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